What’s going on in your life this month?

We count ourselves fortunate. Every few orders we get a glimse into some of your lives. New baby announcements, best friends, along with funny or sarcastic sayings give insights into what is important at the moment.

Grandma - Est. 2017 Mug You are the Monica to My Rachel mug (MD400)

We can personally relate to many of these events. Last year we welcomed the arrival of two new grandchildren, gained a son-in-law and granddaughter, and moved mother across the United States to be near us. Why she agreed to the move is beyond us, but we sure weren’t going to let her go back on her decision to suffer in the cold. She must now accompany us in enduring the typically cold Wisconsin winters. There are no give backs! We love you mom! And we’re glad you’re here. And we’re all lucky that this was a mild winter with record warm temperatures!

That reminds me. We often get requests to customize mugs and are typically able to accommodate them. Before Christmas we got a request to change “Evil Step Mothers” to “Evil Step Monsters,” for a customer and her sister. I don’t know if it’s true, but in my mind I imagined her and her sister as children giggling at calling her their step mom “evil step monster.” It seems so playful and fun and somehow endearing all at the same time.

Custom mug showing stepmothers on one side and step monsters on the other side of the mug

Our hope is that you, our customers continue to order mugs because they bring back a memory, make you laugh, remind you of another’s love, bring a special message, and the list goes on. We strive to offer mugs that will meet your need to make an announcement, provide a special gift, or create a personalized photo mug.


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