We started Mug Doodles in 2016 as a creative outlet. We love meeting new people and making them smile. Our designs are a reflection of that, depicting the many dimensions we experience in life. We offer witty, sarcastic designs along with designs for major life events such as announcing new babies and engagements. As our designs continue to evolve, we occasionally hear stories about why our customers are ordering particular designs or what they love about them. We love hearing from you and learning about what appeals to you or what you’re going through or want to express to those important in your life.


We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service, being as responsive as possible to your needs and requests. We strive to make you feel like you are the only one in the world we are serving, although we are both working full time jobs in addition to running Mug Doodles.


If that doesn’t keep us busy enough, we’ve seperated the standard sublimation products into a different website – be sure to check out our parent site – Creations 101 – http://www.creations101.com

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